IT and new technologies

New technologies require a particular understanding of your needs. Furtek Komosa Aleksandrowicz can find the best solutions for your company’s needs.

Working with both recipients and providers of IT services, we advise our clients on:

  • the preparation of tender proceedings for purchasers of IT systems of significant value,
  • the preparation and negotiations for the delivery and implementation or construction of complex IT systems (including multi-party systems),
  • agreements related to the production and distribution of software,
  • agreements with contractors (software engineers, programmers, consultants, etc.),
  • research and development agreements,
  • agreements with business partners,
  • distribution agreements,
  • end-user contracts (licence, implementation, maintenance and support agreements).

We can particularly assist telecommunications operators in:

  • preparing and negotiating agreements for the delivery of equipment, software, for the construction of telecommunications networks and related services,
  • tender proceedings for public orders for telecommunications solutions and services for public bodies,
  • telecommunications and electronic market regulatory proceedings,
  • searching for project finance from debt financing, shareholder funds and asset financing,
  • corporate issues (including the contribution of rights to telecommunications networks).

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