FKA seminar "Protection of the company against the acts of unfair competition"

On 2nd of June 2016 at 10.00-14.00 FKA is organizing a seminar "Protection of the company against the acts of unfair competition".

Speakers: Barbara Załęcka and Agnieszka Skrok.

The following issues will be spoken during the seminar:

Company's trademark portfolio (10.00-11.00):

  • how to defence against trademark infringement in Internet?
  • trademarks and parallel import - when is it possible to oppose?
  • comparative advertising - is it possible to use competitor's logo?

Company's industrial designs (11.00-12.00):

  • is it worth to register the industrial designs?
  • what you can and what you can't imitate in competitor's products?
  • must-match and must-fit clauses

Coffee break (12.00-12.15):

Promotional activities (12.15-14.00):

  • unfair advertising in promotional actions
  • various kinds of promotional actions - what to look for?
  • how to prepare the rules of promotional action correctly?
  • incorrectness in conducting the promotional actions - liability regimes