FKA seminar - Advertising and marketing law

On 22 September 2016 FKA will organize an all-day seminar on “Advertising and marketing law”. The meeting will be conducted by: Agnieszka Skrok, advocate, Przemysław Barchan, advocate and Barbara Załęcka, legal advisor and patent attorney.

Among the topics are:

Unfair advertising

  • advertising inconsistent with good practices
  • misleading advertising
  • consequences of breaches

Legal aspects of promotional campaigns

  • types of promotional campaigns
  • promotional campaign regulations
  • improper conducting of promotional campaigns: liability regimes

Comparative advertising

  • when is it permitted?
  • how to compare so as not to face legal consequences?

Trademarks in advertising

  • can a competitor’s logo be used?
  • trade mark infringements in the Internet

The consequences of infringement

  • what rights does a competitor have?
  • beware of time-barring

Copyright in advertising

  • the concept of an advertising campaign and copyright
  • quotations in advertising
  • accidental use of someone else’s work in advertising
  • liability for breach of copyright

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