Fakty Komentarze Analiza (Facts Comments Analysis) | Amendment to the Act on Personal Data Protection


What’s new in law, and what should we be aware of?


No obligation to register personal data files; the responsibility is transferred to the Information Security Administrator.

What other changes have been introduced by the amendment to the Act on Personal Data Protection? A business undertaking can choose between two models with respect to its internal regulations on personal data protection. 


Under the new regulations, business undertakings have been granted a certain degree of freedom in designing the system of personal data protection in their company. The amendment also introduces new procedures for transferring personal data to entities located in third party countries. 

Before the amendment, the data administrator could appoint an Information Security Administrator at their own discretion. The amended regulation introduces a number of formal requirements that need to be met in order to be able to perform the duties of ISA.   


Transferring personal data to countries outside the European Economic Area has been deformalised and differentiated. How can you benefit from the new possibilities?

How do you adjust your company to the provisions of the new Act on Personal Data Protection?

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